Something so amazing, magical. Something so beautiful. Feels as if the world is perfect. Like it’s never gonna end.

make me choose
↳ thatblackbaritoneplayer asked: green mighty morhpin ranger or white dino thunder ranger

Just give me one more time
I’ll swim through the high tide
I’ll stand on the front lines
I’d give it all just to see your face.

I woke up like this… FLAWLESS.

power rangers 30 day challenge
day nineteen
favorite civilian power


i use the word fuck so excessively i sometimes forget it’s a swear word

Demi Lovato + super adorable & positive tweets that you can’t not love

…and If you haven’t done that yet, take the steps. Because you’re worth it. I want everyone to know you’re beautiful and you’re worthy of life and you have so much ahead of you. So just work it! This goes out to all my warriors! 

I could use a hug right now…